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What is a converter bomb fast analyzer

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The converter bomb-dropping fast analyzer is suitable for 40-150 tons of converter without sub-lance. With a small investment, the converter steelmaking process does not turn out of the furnace and can detect temperature, oxygen, and carbon components with one button, speed up the steelmaking rhythm, increase production, reduce smelting costs, and achieve clean steelmaking and improve the quality of molten steel.

In order to solve the problem of dynamic control of the converter without sub-lance, a set of bomb-dropping fast analyzer equipment was installed at the discharge port of the converter to detect the temperature, oxygen and carbon content of the molten steel in the furnace without falling the furnace. Understand the state of molten steel, purposely add auxiliary materials and control the blowing process, so as to reduce the consumption of oxygen and auxiliary materials. The use of a throw-type rapid analyzer can also reduce the high temperature damage to the furnace wall, improve the service life of the furnace lining and the related durability life cycle, and replace the manual temperature measurement in front of the furnace, reducing safety hazards and a series of advantages.

The converter throwing fast analyzer consists of three parts:

  1. Detection instrument. PLC control cabinet, installed in the converter operation room.
  2. Bullet box, flap, pneumatic box and machine-side control cabinet are installed at the feed opening of the converter(above the feed pipe water jacket)
  3. The detection probe is installed in the bullet box(26 can be installed). The detection instrument and PLC control cabinet use dedicated control lines to reduce the interference to the equipment in the complex electromagnetic environment on site, and the high-precision signal line transmits detection signals to ensure stable equipment action and accurate detection data.

The converter throwing type fast analyzer is easy to operate, low maintenance cost, and low equipment cost. Only one detection button and one probe are installed on the converter operation table. The operator only needs to press the detection before the end of the smelting or after lifting the gun. Press the button, the detection data can be obtained in about 10 seconds, and the status of molten steel smelting can be judged according to the data, and real-time adjustment can be made to ensure the quality of molten steel.

Schematic diagram of coverter throwing fast analyzer structure


converter bomb fast analyzer
converter bomb fast analyzer

The probe box is 2.1 meters high, 0.58 meters wide, and 0.92 meters long.The bombing device is 1.1 meters high and 0.35 meters wide, and 2 meters long. When in the bombing position is 2.8 meters high. Working environment: temperature -20-60℃, relative humidity <85%, power supply:AC220V±10%/50Hz±5%, power consumption<200W.

Main technical parameters:
  1. Measure rate not less than 95%
  2. The detection speed is 8-12 seconds(installed above the water jacket of the discharge port)
  3. 15 seconds detection cycle
  4. Temperature range 1500-1790℃
  5. Oxygen content 50-1500ppm
  6. Carbon content 0.03%-0.15%
  7. Probe test accuracy±10℃
  8. Oxygen content≤10ppm
  9. Carbon content±0.02%.

After the equipment is put into use, it can detect the temperature, carbon content and oxygen content of molten steel online without lifting the gun, participate in smelting control, improve the end-point temperature-carbon double hit rate, avoid high-temperature steel and molten steel over-oxidation, and reduce blow-up in disguise. The resulting oxygen consumption increases the service life of refractory materials, increases alloy yield, reduces alloy costs, and replaces manual temperature measurement in front of the furnace, reducing the labor intensity of furnace workers and ensuring safety factors. The inspection without turning the furnace shortens the smelting cycle, thereby improving the production rhythm and increasing the output. It avoids the temperature drop cost caused by the furnace collapse and reduces the cost of raw materials.

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