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Company name: LMM GROUP
Tel: (86) 411 84174804

The company was established in 2007, is specialized in the iron and steel, airport, food industry import and export trade, logistics equipment, mining bulk transport project construction international general contractor.


LMM GROUP is committed to providing customers with one-stop comprehensive services, overseas branch offices and offices. Steel mills for all countries, the airport, food processing plants to provide raw materials, production equipment spare parts, the EPC project design, technical upgrade and after-sale protection, such as one-stop solution, so far, the company with more than 70 countries and regions of the world keep long-term business relations, reception, visits and participation more than 40 times a year, liao addition to a person with “humility and gratitude, passion, dreams”, we cordially invite you together with us.   Please use the form below to send us an email. If you’ll like to talk with me about a project or you have a question, please fill out this simple contact form. Drop me a line below, please give me as much info about your project as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.


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