Feb 11, 2019
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Iron & Steels hot continuous rolling stand strip deviation detection system!

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How to solve the problem of unpredictable and uncontrollable deviation of the rolling stock of the finishing rolling stand, and unstable operation caused production failure?

Recently, the latest answer came from the 1580 and 2250 hot strip production lines of Magang Iron and Steel: Beijing University of Science and Technology Engineering Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “Beike Industrial Research”) and Magang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Magang Iron and Steel”) Fourth Steel The rolling mill has completed the on-site assessment of the “strip deviation detection system between hot strip mills”. This is the first domestic independent innovation and research and development of the inter-stand deviation detection system based on machine vision technology, which can accurately obtain strips in real time. Steel deviation and width change information, realize dynamic visual monitoring of deviation, provide pre-leveling setting parameters of finishing roll gap, and storage memory and automatic query of deviation data.

The project signed a contract in 2018 to install one set of inspection systems (a total of six sets) at the exit of the F1-F3 stands of the finishing mills of the 1580 and 2250 hot strip rolling lines of Magang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. In close cooperation with the hot rolling technology group, biotechnology room, and equipment inspection group of Magang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., it has realized that the strip deviation detection system between racks has been operating stably for more than one year, and the operation rate has reached more than 99%. The measurement accuracy and position measurement accuracy are both within +2mm. Relying on the measurement information to realize the predictive control of the roll gap leveling value, the monthly average number of rolls caused by deviation in the finishing rolling process has been reduced by more than 30% compared with 2017. (Picture 1 Picture 2)


On August 6, 2020, Magang Iron & Steel’s Operation Improvement Department organized relevant experts to inspect the project. The experts agreed that: For the F1-F3 racks of the 1580 and 2250 production lines, the hardware design, processing and processing related to deviation detection have been completed. Installation, software system development, debugging and online work can obtain real-time information about the deviation position of the upstream frame strip steel, and its detection accuracy, screen display, real-time performance and data storage meet the project requirements; the developed upstream frame strip steel running The biased pre-control model can provide the pre-swing leveling value for the finishing rolling operators and meet the accuracy and stability test requirements; after the system goes online, it effectively improves the stability of the production process and meets project expectations.

After 10 years of sharpening, the iron rod became a needle. At present, Beike Industrial Research has developed a series of asymmetric online measurement and control technologies for tilting buckles, sickle bends, and deviation between racks, so that the production line is no longer helpless when facing such production stability problems. The maturity of research and development and application of this technology will strongly promote the realization of the iconic goal of the intelligent production line of “unmanned driving” in hot strip rolling, and promote the continuous improvement of the overall level of intelligent manufacturing in my country.

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